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How To Pay Your Tuition for Your Professional Industrial Hygienist Vocational Education, Training, and Certification

You can pay the $999 Industrial Hygienist Training Tuition special promotional price in full or in eight monthly payments of $100 each, with the first monthly payment happening immediately, plus a $199 down payment.  You can use your debit or credit Visa or MasterCard or your American Express Card, or transfer your payment funds from your USA bank checking or savings account by clicking on the appropriate PayPal "Buy Now" (for either payment in full or down payment) and "Subscribe" (for the eight monthly payments) buttons below. You can also pay by bank wire (for bank wire details, please email  You can also pay your tuition by phoning your credit card details to Phillip Fry at 1-480-310-7970 or 1-480-217-7173 (USA).

►Full US $999 payment upon registration:

►Installment Terms of $199 down payment plus eight $100 monthly, NO interest payments starting now. You need to click on and complete the processing of BOTH PayPal payment buttons below---

1. Industrial Hygienist Tuition Down Payment of $199
2. Eight Monthly US $100 Tuition Installment Payments (No Interest Charged)


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