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First, please use your mouse curser to select and then copy just the form wording below. Second, paste the copied wording onto a new word document in your computer. Third, print that new word document page. Fourth, complete (in legible black ink printing) and sign this Professional Industrial Hygienist Training Application, along with the Code of Ethics.  Fifth, use a scanner to scan the completed/signed Training Application and the Code of Ethics and then email both documents to as email attachments to, or mail your completed and signed documents to the Environmental Hygienists Association, P.O. Box 32002, Mesa, AZ 85275, USA.

Training Application for Professional Industrial Hygienist

Full name:__________________________________________________________________________________ Age: ___________

Mailing address:____________________________________________________________________________________________

City:_______________________________________ State/Province: __________________________ Postal Code: ____________ 


Daytime phone: (________ )_____________________       Evening phone:  (________ )____________________

Email address:_____________________________________________________________________________

To: Professional Industrial Hygienists

I herein apply to be trained and designated as a Professional Industrial Hygienist (P.I.H.). If I am accepted by the Professional Industrial Hygienists, I will always follow and abide by the P.I.H. Code of Ethics. I understand and agree that my P.I.H. designation will be terminated if I violate the Code of Ethics, or if I do not pay my annual renewal P.I.H. membership renewal dues (currently $99.00).  To accompany this training application, I will make payment of the $999 tuition (or the $300 tuition down payment for installment terms) to Professional Industrial Hygienists by using the PayPal payment link on the home page, or by bank wire (contact us for bank wire instructions) or by phoning my credit card details to Phillip Fry 1-480-217-7173 or 1-480-310-7970.

If you have completed ANY post-high school college, trade, or vocational education programs of any kind, please provide the details including school name, school location, year of graduation or completion of course, subjects studied, and any other helpful info. Attach extra sheets of paper if needed.




Please describe in detail all or your business/work/career experiences that you believe would be helpful to your successful career as a Professional Industrial Hygienist.  Please include details such as skills learned, employer names and addresses, and dates. Attach extra sheets of paper if needed.




Please provide the names, nature of relationship (how you know each person), company (if relevant), complete mailing address, and current phone number of three persons who personally know your work abilities and/or general character. Your most ideal references would be your present or past employers, co-workers, and/or business/professional clients.  Please do NOT submit references who are your relatives or your employees. Attach extra sheets if needed.




I certify that the above information is totally true and complete. I authorize my references to provide complete information about myself to the Professional Industrial Hygienists.

                                   __________________________________________                                     ____________________

                                                                          My Signature                                                                                          Date


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